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November 6, 2017
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February 12, 2018

Data-Tech’s Cyber Monday Tips 

At Data-Tech, we want you to be prepared for Cyber Monday, after the Thanksgiving weekend. Here are 5 essential tips to survive this e-commerce event:

1) Make a list in advance

-Making a shopping list can help you budget and prevent from you buying any items that you may or may not need. Online retailers like Amazon, customized lists of items that you intend to purchase and to help you with your shopping experience.

2) Compare Prices on each Item

– You can use price-comparison engines like Google Shopping to compare the products’ prices, shipping fees, etc. to make your final decisions.

3) Stalk your favorite Retailers on Social Media

– Follow your favorite retailers on their social media pages. These platforms will help you see their holiday previews or coupons for certain products. This has always help shoppers to find out if their favorite products are on sale or not. This includes seeing customer reviews too!

4) Go to

– This site has all the information on the retailers’ deals and the schedules of when certain products will go on sale. has over 800 online retailers’ information on their holiday promotions.

5) Know the store’s return policy

– Always check the store’s return policy, to know which items can be returned or not. Also, keep an online receipt to avoid confrontation with the store’s employees too. Try to help them keep their sanity during the holidays. 🙂

By: Louis Ramirez

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