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At Data-Tech, we want to provide the most simple and effective IT security to our users. Two weeks ago, Sophos released the v17 for XG Firewall that delivers a breakthrough in network visibility to improve the IT industry’s leading protected services.

Synchronized App Control

Next-gen Firewall application control has long suffered from a lack of clarity into what applications are generating network traffic. Synchronized App Control helps make the IT industry-first breakthrough that delivers great control over networked applications. The revolutionary Synchronized Security technology connects the Endpoints and Firewall with a Security Heartbeat™ to share important information about health status, threat intelligence, and now network application traffic. It takes an application visibility and control to a new level!!!

Network Security Made Simple

Most other Firewalls are much more difficult to deploy, configure, and manage day-to-day than necessary. That’s why with every release of XG Firewall Sophos endeavors to make the network admin’s job a lot easier, and v17 is no exception to this goal. In this release Sophos is introducing a number of enhancements that make day-to-day management a lot easier to improve flexibility, power, and effectiveness:

  • All-new deployment wizard – dramatically streamlines deployment and setup out-of-the-box
  • Firewall rule management enhancements – enables much easier management of large firewall rule sets
  • Unified log viewer and more granular logging – offers better visibility and insight into firewall activity and quicker troubleshooting
  • Policy Test Simulator – provides easy validation and troubleshooting of firewall rules and policy settings
  • NAT rule and object enhancements – enables intuitive but powerful object definitions and NAT rules
  • IPS and app control policy enhancements – offers smart lists and makes custom policies easier to build and maintain

Top Rated Security Effectiveness and Price-Performance

XG Firewall has received top recognition from industry experts like NSS Labs; where it’s been rated among the highest solutions for security effectiveness, performance, and value.

The new XG Series appliances offer improved performance, expanded connectivity, and added resiliency and redundancy options. Equipped with the latest Intel CPUs, generous RAM, and integrated solid-state storage, the XG Series appliances remain tops in the industry, in offering the best price-performance ratio. Built-in bypass port pairs enable new deployment options with continued traffic flow even when the device is offline, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) FleXi Port modules enable easy deployment of VoIP or Wireless solutions. Redundant power supply options in all our 1U series appliances offers added business continuity.

With all the networking, VPN, web, and app control enhancements in v17, plus with the introduction of machine learning technology into Sophos Sandstorm sandboxing, these new XG Series appliances provide a formidable network security solution that can keep up with the most demanding networks and the latest unknown threats.

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