About Data-Tech

The Data-Tech Philosophy

Data-Tech is focused on delivering Information Technology Solutions specific to our client’s needs, not focused on a product or service. This philosophy has led Data-Tech to become a unique service provider in an industry crowded with competition.

For over 20 years, Data-Tech has developed our own line of custom products and services focused on IT Solutions. This concept called Versa for Versatile gives Data-Tech a great advantage to create our custom and unique service offering for our clients. Creating, Customizing and Developing our own products, services along with our private data-center give us tremendous leverage for cost effective solutions. Working closely with top Information Technology sources in the industry and closely with our partners, products and services are specifically designed for cost effective customized solutions.

Data-Tech’s approach to our clients is to ask ourselves how we can help our clients get the most out of their business leveraging information technology with a cost effective approach while delivering an outstanding customer experience. Delivering unparalleled customer experience is easier and a natural byproduct when products and services are designed specifically for the client and focused on achieving the client’s goals.

At Data-Tech, we realize the need to address our clients ‘Wants’ as well as their needs. Simply providing solutions to existing issues is only part of the relationship. By embracing the clients ‘Wants’, Data-Tech can help fulfill the clients desires to achieve success beyond resolution. Being pro-active and engaging with our clients, Data-Tech can help build a solid foundation on which, as an IT Partner, we can help our clients realize their goals.

The Leadership Team

Christopher Lietz

Data-Tech CEO

As CEO of Lietz Development, Inc. dba Data-Tech, Chris Lietz has spent the last 32 years developing innovative IT management and Security solutions for the small to enterprise size businesses. With 48 full time employees Data-Tech has become a leader in Managed IT Solutions. Chris was a pioneer in developing a vision for outsourced Managed IT Infrastructure Solutions. Recognizing typical IT Service Providers focused solely on Technical Solutions, Chris took the approach to integrate business focused strategies into IT solutions. Integrating business objectives into an IT solution provides a strategy that integrates itself with business operations. This approach fundamentally changes the approach and provides a solution that aligns with the business.

It was 20 years ago that Chris designed and built a custom data center that today supports thousands of client companies and tens of thousands of users throughout the United States. - “It was the Cloud before there was a Cloud” said one of Chris’s first hosted clients. Extending that vision, Mr. Lietz created a line of appliances customized to manage large IT networks. As the CEO of Data-Tech Chris has demonstrated Leadership and Business Management skills recognized by his peers and represented by 23 years of success. In addition to successful business management Mr. Lietz is Certified Network and Security Engineer, Certified Database and Application Development Engineer along with being E-HR (Electronic Health Records), HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) and HIPAA Certified. Throughout his career he has designed and engineered entire Data-Centers, Secure Private Clouds and Enterprise Multi-Campus Networks. His experience includes Project Based Interim CIO for two of the largest Healthcare Providers in Florida. Tasked with departmental restructuring, developing a successful IT Strategy and building the IT Staff Mr. Lietz demonstrated a wide spectrum of skills.

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Knowing the success of Data-Tech and their clients could not depend on him alone, Chris built a specialized team of high level engineers called the CyberCATs “Computer and Advanced Technical Services”.

Cyber-Cats are a specialized division of Data-Tech. An elite team of technical innovators focused on enhancing existing IT resources to advance business intelligence, security, operations and objectives. Merging multiple aspects of technology with people into an integrated solution for business by combining Hardware, Software, People and Automation. Cyber-Cats create a symbiotic relationship between Business, People and Advanced Technology. (Cyber-CATs Bio)

Influential Books I have read:
  • Consumption Economics – New Rules of Tech
  • Sync or Swim
  • "Topgrading" by Brad and Geoff Smart

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Managing the Professional Service Firm
  • The E-Myth Revisited
  • The Goal by M. Goldratt

  • Five Minutes with VITO
  • Game Changers
  • Good to Great
  • Todd Lietz

    VP / CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

    Todd has been overseeing daily operation for over 20 years with Data-Tech. He looks to build customer relationships and provide them with information, ideas and cost for IT solutions and projects. Todd helps clients overcome their IT challenges as their company continues to cultivate. Todd enjoys partnering with other companies to help provide the best solution for our clients.

    Mike Pontichello

    CIO (Chief Information Officer) / SOO - (Service Operations Officer) / VoiP Division

    Mike Ponticello wears many hats in Data-Tech as a Data-Tech veteran for over 15 years. As a CIO, Mike oversees all Information regarding employee training, internal technology. As a SOO, Mike oversees the Service division of the company and all things Service related. Finally, as a VoiP Division Manager, Mike oversees all VoiP Communications for clients, architecture and implementation. Mike isCertified Engineer and Mike is working on my 3CX Advanced Engineer Certification.

    Tod Ozmun

    V.C.I.O Enterprise Account Manager

    Tod has a great deal of experience in IT and management roles. Tod is approaching 3rd year at data tech going from being the Senior Sales Engineer to being the V.C.I.O Enterprise Account Manager. With that, it comes with more responsibility that Tod is already comfortable with. Within his role, he strives for greatness with Data-Tech in mind.

    Kevin Kohrs

    CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

    Kevin has worked in the IT industry since 2005, starting off as an in House Systems Builder at Data-Tech. From there he went on to a dual role, remote support for the Citrix hosting clients and Server Administration/Deployment. He has learned several technologies crucial to a Cloud based service model. In 2008 he was given the Data Center Manager role and oversees the operations & expansion of the Data Center.

    Lisa Dorman

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

    Lisa has been with Data-Tech for over 20 years as the Accounting Department Manager and has grown with the company to become the CFO of Lietz Development, Inc. dba Data-Tech. Lisa also manages the HR functions at Data-Tech and manages a team of accounting assistants. As the CFO at Data-Tech Lisa is the focal point for all monetary affairs from Purchasing to Tax Preparation working directly with our CPA and professional services consultants.

    Joe Christoff

    Service Operations Manager

    Joe is reaching upon his 2 year anniversary at Data-Tech. Joe is the Service Operations Manager and within his role, he ensures that the services and operations are running smoothly. Joe oversees all of the operations of the service department and he enjoys being a part of the Data-Tech journey.

    Ana Morgado

    Accounting and Human Resource Management

    Ana is reaching upon her 3rd year at Data-Tech and she is rising quickly. She started out as HR before the department grew for her to be in HR management. She also contributes to accounting for approvals for orders and much more. Ana enjoys being a part of the Data-Tech community and she puts her best foot forward each day.

    Bill Prast

    Executive Project Management

    Bill has a long line of experience in Project management and Technical support. Bill is approaching his 3rd year at Data-Tech being the Executive Project Manager. He specializes in organizing, creating and executing projects around Data-Tech.

    Chris Wright

    Chief Security Officer

    Chris has been at Data-Tech for over 10 years strong. Chris consults clients that outsource information technology. His task is to address the current needs of the customer while also looking for ways to improve functionality, enhance productivity and strengthen reliability without sacrifice of security.

    Welcome to Data-Tech

    Since 1996, Data-Tech has been providing complete managed IT services in Tampa, Florida, reaching national and global clients, too. Our clients represent a diverse cross-section of industries and rely on Data-Tech for a wide variety of IT computer and technology security services. We believe in providing every client, big or small, with reliable and managed IT services and support. Data-Tech has become a leading Managed IT Services company in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

    Data-Tech is dedicated to providing superior solutions precisely tailored to your technological needs. We employ highly skilled professionals in the industry to implement our solutions in order to ensure you receive the service level you deserve. Data-Tech offers a broad selection of computer services that are available as pre-defined solutions or à la carte. Whatever you need—Computer IT Services, Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Telephony & Cabling, VoIP, Data Hosting, Healthcare IT Management, Disaster Recovery and Backup and business continuity needs—Data-Tech will accept nothing less than your 100% satisfaction. WATCH A SHORT VIDEO ABOUT DATA-TECH