About Data-Tech

About Data-Tech

Data-Tech’s team of skilled professionals has provided complete managed IT services to companies in the Tampa Bay area and beyond since 1996. As your trusted advisor, Data-Tech is part of your team – available at a moment’s notice to solve your IT challenges. Our associates have a vested interest in your success and are empowered to provide creative IT solutions. Unparalleled customer experience is a natural result of products and services designed specifically for your needs and goals. As both a company and a tight-knit family, we feel a profound sense of accomplishment when you thrive. At Data-Tech, we accept nothing less than your 100% satisfaction.

The Data-Tech Promise

Our philosophy is to build a long-term, customer-first relationship that allows you to focus on building your business while we handle the technology issues. It’s our goal to become your trusted advisor by clearly demonstrating:
We want to be more than just a typical vendor. Our client relationships are based on established trust and confidence. When it comes to managed IT, you will see a significant improvement and return on investment with Data-Tech.
As your trusted IT partner, we want you to know that we’re part of your team. Whenever you call, our team of experts is ready to provide timely solutions to any and all of your IT challenges no matter how big or small they may feel.
We take full ownership of each technology issue. Our company functions as a team in which every employee will work together and take ownership of the solution. When you call us, we’ll always ask “How can I help?” And we mean it.
Delivering exceptional, customer-focused service is our objective. We consistently live up to our reputation as a leader in managed IT services by continually demonstrating our value and interest to you throughout the entire solutions process.
Imparting Knowledge
We begin building a strong partnership with you by keeping you involved from our first conversation to long after implementation. We ensure you have an enhanced sense of knowledge, understanding, and sense of security knowing we’re taking care of everything.
After learning about every facet of your business, we continually assess your unique challenges and identify the technology and resources to resolve issues. We also identify growth needs, security issues and technology changes that impact your business.
Identify Solutions
We proactively pinpoint solutions that address your unique needs and anticipate issues before they occur. This proactive approach helps us continuously deliver value and maintain our role as your trusted technology advisor.
Providing Superior Service
At Data-Tech, we don’t want you to have to worry about your technology and how it runs – that’s our job. We specialize in implementing solutions and processes to allow you to focus on running your business, instead of getting caught up in the complexities of technology.
Customer Communications
After issues are resolved or the project is completed, Data-Tech is still on the job. We assure your success by providing answers to your questions and sending you valuable content that will help your business grow. Your success is our first priority.
We promise to approach every interaction with a can-do attitude. We anticipate your needs by providing access to cutting-edge technology, applying it to the operation of your company and supplying every employee with the technology they need to be productive.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Christopher Lietz


As CEO of Data-Tech, Chris Lietz has spent more than 30 years developing innovative IT management and security solutions for businesses ranging from small to enterprise. Chris was a pioneer in developing a vision for a managed IT strategy that focused on achieving business objectives, and that’s still Data-Tech’s approach today.

Twenty years ago, Chris designed and built a custom data center that now supports thousands of clients and tens of thousands of users throughout the U.S. Extending that vision, he created a line of custom appliances to manage large IT networks. In addition to his leadership role, Chris is a Certified Network and Security Engineer, a Certified Database and Application Development Engineer, and certified in E-HR (Electronic Health Records), HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) and HIPAA.

Throughout his career, Chris has designed and engineered complete data centers, secure private clouds and enterprise multi-campus networks. He is known among both his clients and his employees for his dedication, talent and hard work.

Todd Lietz

VP / Chief Sales Officer

Todd Lietz has been overseeing Data-Tech’s daily operations for more than 20 years. His goal is to build relationships with customers and provide them with information, ideas and financial details for IT solutions and projects. Todd helps clients overcome their IT challenges as their businesses continue to grow and enjoys partnering with other companies to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Lisa Dorman

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Dorman has been with Data-Tech for more than 20 years and currently serves as the CFO. She also manages the HR functions at Data-Tech and oversees a team of accounting assistants. As CFO, Lisa is the focal point for all monetary affairs from purchasing to tax preparation, working directly with our CPA and professional services consultants.

Mike Pontichello

Chief Information Officer / Service Operations Officer / VoiP Division Manager

As a Data-Tech veteran for more than 15 years, Mike Ponticello wears many hats within the company. As CIO, he oversees all information regarding employee training and internal technology. AS SOO, he manages the service division of the company and all things service-related. Finally, as a VoIP Division Manager, he oversees all aspects of our clients’ VoIP communications, including architecture and implementation. Mike is a Certified Engineer and currently working on his 3CX Advanced Engineer Certification.

Kevin Kohrs

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Kohrs has worked in the IT industry since 2006, starting off as an In-House Systems Builder at Data-Tech. From there, he went on to a dual role – remote support for the Citrix hosting clients and server administration and deployment. He learned several technologies crucial to a cloud-based service model, and in 2008, he was given the role of Data Center Manager, where he oversees the operations and expansion of the data center.

Chris Wright

Chief Security Officer

Chris Wright has been at Data-Tech for more than ten years. He consults with clients that outsource information technology and addresses their current needs while looking for ways to improve functionality, enhance productivity and strengthen reliability – without sacrificing security.

Data-Tech Awards and Accolades

At Data-Tech, we work as a close-knit team and are proudly recognized as one of the top managed services, hosting and IT security providers in Florida with a footprint throughout the United States. Some of our biggest achievements include: