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February 20, 2018
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February 21, 2018

According to Applied System Technologies:

Digital technology is transforming our world, creating new industries and connecting us in more ways than ever before. At Applied, we believe digital technology means opportunity. An opportunity to do better, to move faster and to drive even greater success. Discover how you can leverage technology to better serve customers and prepare your business for success in the digital transformation of insurance.

Here’s what AST has to say about our services! Data-Tech has been a Cloud Solutions provider for AST since 2004 and continues to grow with them in their technology needs. With Data-Tech’s Cloud Services, AST has the ability to offer their customers’ fully integrated and scalable staffing software in a secure Cloud Computing environment. 

Many of our clients have come to realize the power of Cloud Computing. One our customers had an unfortunate accident where a car had lost control and crashed into their building. The car hit the wall right where their servers were, luckily they had just moved to the Cloud. If not their servers would have been destroyed and would have caused them to lose days of operations.” said Paul Bjornsen of AST. Paul also states “We have other customers that we support who were hit with the snow storm and were unable to get to their office for days, fortunately they could continue their operations from home because their software was in the cloud.


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