Florida Medical Clinic Testimonial
February 20, 2018
MacDonald Training Center
February 20, 2018

According to Bright Community Trust:

Bright Community Trust develops well designed, green and energy-efficient homes geared to make homeownership and renting affordable for generations to come. We work with partners and developers to deliver new construction on vacant land and rehabilitated existing homes. Our shared roles in development and property management increase availability and accessibility of safe, welcoming communities to hard-working people.

Our client trusts us to take care of everything that’s needed to manage services for them. Here’s what they have to say!

It is very important to know we have technicians that are experienced and know how to resolve any issues so we can concentrate on our mission. Data-Tech’s staff was very helpful in identifying what we needed to get up and running, once we were on-boarded everything has been running great. We are excited about our partnership with Data-Tech and It is nice to know we have them behind us as we grow.”

Customer Testimonials

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