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As Tampa’s leading managed IT services and support company, we have provided our clients with customized solutions that have allowed them to focus on their company mission. Click on an industry below and explore some managed IT services case studies we would like to share with you.

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Hoffman Realty Migrates To The Cloud
Having a reliable IT company who answers the phone when you need support is important for many businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. When one Tampa IT company stopped answering their phones, Data-Tech came to the rescue.
Business has changed over the past years for one Tampa property management group “Hoffman Realty”. However, one thing remains constant in business today, always look after the needs of your clients and in turn they will take care of you.

This rings true for us at Data-Tech. When we learned that a local property management organization was experiencing frustration because their incumbent IT firm wasn’t providing even the basics in client service, we jumped in to help.

During our first meeting we learned their current IT provider was unresponsive, and had actually said, they were not a good fit for them anymore. Software was out of date leaving them at risk for viruses, malware and other malicious code infecting their computer network.
Data-Tech Jumped Into Action! We first resolved their virus issues, running full system scans to ensure any viruses, malware or spyware were removed from their systems. We installed a new managed antivirus solution that is updated on a daily basis to ensure security remains high.
Over time, as Hoffman Realty grew, Data-Tech offered a Cloud Solution. This would provide a much more secure and cost effective solution to their IT needs. The owner of Hoffman Realty stated “We moved our IT To Data-Tech’s cloud solution and that went remarkably smoothly. I give them high marks for that. We kept waiting for something to go wrong and it never did, it happened very smoothly.”

“Since moving to Data-Tech’s cloud, we have been able to eliminate the software upgrade fees and buying new hardware every few years bringing a significant savings to our company.”

Our help desk team is responsive to their challenges when they arise, effectively removing IT from their daily worry list. Data-Tech specializes in property management firms. It is this knowledge of the inner workings of how property management firms use technology and what they want from their IT investments that makes us the right choice. This knowledge and our support programs customized for property management organizations keeps all of our clients focused on serving their clients without the headaches of technology getting in the way.
They now have a reliable team of Tampa IT consultants who look after them. Confidence has been restored in their IT systems and many of the daily technology issues have been eliminated.