Commercial Risk Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the commercial building industry for you.

Commercial Risk Management, INC
DATA-TECH PROVIDES Private Cloud solution to Commercial Risk Management

The Client: Commercial Risk Management Inc. is a Workers’ Compensation service company formed in 1975 to serve employers who have elected to self-insure their workers’ compensation liabilities in Florida. CRM offer full services in the areas of Claims Administration, Program Administration, Loss Control and Client Services.

The Situation: Commercial Risk Management’s (CRM) premised based servers were reaching end of life and support services were becoming unmanageable. CRM was facing the prospect of replacing older workstations at a significant cost. CRM was looking for a rock solid cloud and managed IT solutions partner. Data-Tech was contacted to bid on a new cloud computing solution.

The Solution: Data-Tech provided a solution to seamlessly migrate CRM’s premise based infrastructure to Data-Tech’s secure private cloud. Data-Tech’s innovative approach eliminated downtime and reduced CRM’s capital expense to less than 30% of other competitive bids. Data-Tech also established a fixed monthly investment which included all hardware, power, internet bandwidth, Microsoft licensing and unlimited IT Services and Management for CRM that was well within the CRM IT budget.

In Addition, migrating CRM IT Operations to the cloud allowed CRM to continue using the existing Workstations with little or no financial impact. Because all Data Processing and Information management was now in the Cloud the local resources required for acceptable user experience were drastically reduced.

CRM had several complex and non-standard systems and software; however the Cyber CAT engineers at Data-Tech were able to work with CRM and the third party software vendors to get everything working with the Private Cloud solution.

The Senior Management Team at CRM was instrumental in the successful transition of CRM from Premise Based Computing to the Cloud. /cheers!

The results: CRM received a unique solution that met their needs and budget. Their users have secure real time access to all critical business systems – anywhere – anytime. All they need is access to the web. CRM no longer need’s to worry about software licensing, routine maintenance or necessary updates. Data-Tech takes care of everything so CRM can do what they do best… focus on servicing their clients and growing their base.

A word from Bob Widmer – Vice President, Commercial Risk Management:

Choosing to go to an offsite cloud solution solved all of our concerns particularly with a safe and secure data back up system, 24/7 workstation monitoring systems and removal of all licensing concerns. Our users now have access, wherever they may be with internet connectivity, to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and our unique applications. We no longer have to monitor servers and worry about hardware failures giving our management team time to dedicate to the growth of our business. Our employees are now able to work from home using their home computers. Data Tech service and support has been second to none taking the worries of IT operations out of our worries. The Management Team sleeps better at night knowing that our data and servers are safe and secure.