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“We were looking for a technology company that could take over the overall management of our technology without our staff having to spend time in this area, allowing them to focus on education. I like to be able to sleep an night knowing my data is safe, secure and accessible and right now i do with Data-Tech managing our network.”

Steve Christopoulos
President/CEO – Superior Schools Corp.

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“It’s all about partnerships, with our 111 year old family business, its relationships and companies that want to partner with you and help you succeed, and Data-Tech has been that great partner making sure we are operating and staying up to date. We are now in the cloud, it was one of the greatest pieces of advice we were given, the improvements such as the speed, sense of security, less downtime, the reliability, it’s everything one wants in a business.”

Richard Gonzmart
President/CEO – Columbia Restaurant Group

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Dr. Heiman has been a customer of Data-Tech for the last 9 years. Data-Tech has been providing Managed IT Services as well as maintaining his entire network. Dr. Heiman states…

“It is very important that our network is up 24/7 and secure, since partnering with Data-Tech i have not had to worry about that. They are always a phone call away and have been very responsive to my needs. Security and reliability are the two most import elements in my practices network, and Data-Tech has taken care of both of those for me.”

David R. Heiman

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“It is very important to know we have technicians that are experienced and know how to resolve any issues so we can concentrate on our mission. Data-Tech’s staff was very helpful in identifying what we needed to get up and running, once we were on-boarded everything has been running great. We are excited about our partnership with Data-Tech and It is nice to know we have them behind us as we grow.”

Sheri Harris
CEO – Bright Community Trust

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“After moving to the cloud, we definitely saw a financial savings, direct and indirect. We don’t have to worry about putting out money for new hardware and software.

The technology expertise and innovation that Data-Tech has brought us has allowed us to expand our capability and concentrate on our mission.

We are 200 yards from Tampa Bay and we did not have a good backup/disaster recovery plan, now that we are in the cloud, all those worries have been eliminated”

Jim Freyvogel
President/CEO – MacDonald Training Center

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“Data-Tech has been a great business partner. They don’t try to oversell. They know what we need and what we don’t need. We like to think of them as an extension of our team. Their recommendation to move to the cloud has brought us tremendous savings. There are so many things that have been eliminated by moving to the cloud. They have been a huge support getting things laid out for our business”

Holly Tomlin
CEO/Owner – Tomlin Talent Solutions
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“We were very frustrated and had really spent a lot of money and time prior to engaging Data-Tech. Todd and Scott sat across from some very tough and skeptical customers at that first meeting. They were honest and fair and took time with us. Even after we engaged them and there were points of clarification that needed to be made, their team of experts helped us to understand our options and the best short-term and long-term solutions. Bottom-line….they earned our business and have been willing to work to keep it. Some of the biggest impacts we have seen have been speed, reliability, quick repair and support when needed. Time savings….hard to quantify the dollar value but it has been significant. Less frustration…also hard to quantify the dollar value but happiness is priceless, right?”

Cathy Stone
Executive Director – Cornerstone Family Ministries

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“We did all of our IT services in house, but when something went wrong, it always happened at the most in-opportune time, We have now been able to take worry off our plate and shift it to the experts, and have had very little issues as well as someone at Data-Tech available 24/7.

We moved our IT To Data-Tech’s cloud solution and that went remarkably smoothly. I give them high marks for that. We kept waiting for something to go wrong and it never did, it happened very smoothly.

Since moving to Data-Tech’s cloud, we have been able to eliminate the software upgrade fees and buying new hardware every few years bringing a significant savings to our company.”

Andrew Dougill
Hoffman Realty

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Since joining the Data-Tech family last year, Orange Blossom has seen a marked improvement in its IT service.

“Since we’ve partnered with Data-Tech, we’ve seen better communication, less downtime, just a much improved system all the way around,” says Greg Wasmund, Event Coordinator.

Like any business, employee downtime at Orange Blossom is something that has to be absolutely minimized. Any time lost due to IT issues means time taken away from the business at hand.

“Less downtime for us means that we’re able to produce and we’re saving money by being able to continue production,” adds Wasmund. “Less service calls, our email is working better. Overall that translates to savings.”

Data-Tech’s proactive service is another plus that Orange Blossom has recognized. “They monitor our systems and monitor our email. They alert us ahead of time if there are any potential issues before we even know about it…so that’s really a big plus for us.”

Adds Wasmund: “Overall the whole staff in the office has been very impressed with the IT support we’ve received from Data-Tech. We’ve been very pleased.”

Greg Wasmund
Event Coordinator – Orange Blossom Catering

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“Choosing to go to an offsite cloud solution solved all of our concerns particularly with a safe and secure data back up system, 24/7 workstation monitoring systems and removal of all licensing concerns. Our users now have access, wherever they may be with internet connectivity, to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and our unique applications.

We no longer have to monitor servers and worry about hardware failures giving our management team time to dedicate to the growth of our business. Our employees are now able to work from home using their home computers. Data Tech service and support has been second to none taking the worries of IT operations out of our worries. The Management Team sleeps better at night knowing that our data and servers are safe and secure.”

Bob Widmer
Vice President Commercial Risk Management, Inc.

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“I wanted you and your team to know how pleasant my experience thus far has been with your company. I am very excited to see where the future leads not only with BAEI but with my Consulting Firm Eye Advise as well.
Thank you very much for the professional and friendly way each one of your team members has displayed. You have put together a great team and I look forward to our future encounters.”

Phaedra Lund – Bay Area Eye Institute

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“We created the firm in September 2012 in order to better focus on and serve our key clientele. With a short window to start-up, we turned to Data-Tech to help us determine what equipment and systems were needed for us to start small and be able to grow and develop our business. Data-Tech is our one-stop IT solution, providing us help desk and strategic solutions for our paperless law office. Our systems can grow with us virtually to meet our clients needs without adding significant cost or infrastructure. Data-Tech is prompt in responding and always willing to help with our IT needs.”

Rochelle Walk, Esq.- Walk Law Firm

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Data-Tech has been a Cloud Solutions provider for AST since 2004 and continues to grow with them in their technology needs. With Data-Tech’s Cloud Services, AST has the ability to offer their customers fully integrated and scalable staffing software in a secure Cloud Computing environment.

“Many of our clients have come to realize the power of Cloud Computing. One our customers had an unfortunate accident where a car had lost control and crashed into their building. The car hit the wall right where their servers were, luckily they had just moved to the Cloud. If not their servers would have been destroyed and would have caused them to lose days of operations.” said Paul Bjornsen of AST. Paul also states “We have other customers that we support who were hit with the snow storm and were unable to get to their office for days, fortunately they could continue their operations from home because their software was in the cloud.”

Paul Bjornsen – Applied Systems Technology

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“We have been a customer of Data-Tech for approximately three years and we are very happy with the service. We have a 24 hr operation that requires our servers to have high availability and our servers are kept that way. Originally, we began hosting with Data-Tech with about 20 or so servers, now we have about 30. Additionally, with the assistance from Data-Tech, we have migrated our database servers into a Microsoft Cluster environment. The staff at Data-Tech is very knowledgeable in all major aspects of technology and 99% of the time has a solution. Personally, I have a very good relationship with Data-Tech and consider it to be a partnership.”

Amar Bulsara
Centricity PM/EMR Administrator – Family Physicians Group

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“We switched our Computer Services to Data-Tech in August of 2008. We find your company to be cutting edge and progressive, with a professional and knowledgeable team. Data-Tech designed a program to fit our needs and budget concerns. A shining star in a sea of mediocrity!”

Deborah L. Young – The Phoenix Agency, Inc.

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“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all the work that your systems engineers completed on our systems. They worked very hard and put a lot of time and effort into getting our systems back on track. I can’t say enough good things about all the effort and enthusiasm Data-Tech brings to the table. Thanks again to a “Great Team” for all the time spent and good will generated.

Judy Thompson – Liken Health Care Staffing

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