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March 4, 2016
Threat Outbreak Alert – 3-14-16
March 14, 2016

Locky Ransomware Spreading in Massive Spam Attack

Locky is a ransomware family that encrypts victims’ files and demands money to decrypt the files. It has infected many computers in a short time due to a huge spam campaign. It is being aggressive sending emails with java attachments infecting mass machines. The ransomware propagates onto victims’ systems through a widespread spam campaign using an attached Microsoft Word document with maliciously crafted macros. Recently, however, the malware has shifted to an attached, obfuscated JavaScript file. On execution it downloads Locky ransomware and installs on the victim’s computer.

Trustwave said the typical spam message includes an invoice-related subject line. If the recipient downloads and attempts to open the JavaScript attachment, the Locky ransomware looks for list of file extensions on the PC’s hard drive and encrypts associated documents.

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