Data-Tech Versa-Bots

Welcome to Team Data-Tech. Allow us to introduce our Managed IT Services family.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Data-Tech’s Managed IT Servers. We’ve created a family of bots, we call them Versa-Bots, and we programmed them to solve your computer system’s problems, update security, check in to ensure everything is running smoothly, and much more.

Our Versa Prime sends out these robot programs each and every night. During the day, the Versa-Bots are monitoring your computer for possible errors or potential security risks, and report back for corrective action.

Some of our Versa-Bots remain inactive unless they’re needed to perform a specific service. This is to ensure they don’t interrupt your work productivity.

If you need any help, just contact our support team and we can remotely manage and fix problems or assist with challenges.

Versa Prime

Prime, the centralized Command-Bot, is the control center in the cloud. Prime manages all the Versa-Bots and keeps them on track. With all Versa-Bots reporting to Prime, you can rest assured Prime is always up-to-date on the status of thousands of end points.

One command given to Versa Prime will direct the Versa-Bots to perform that task on thousands of End Points.

During work hours, Versa Primes directives are to protect and monitor your computer system in real time.

At night, Prime’s directs the correct Versa-Bots to clean and optimize your system to maintain optimal performance.


Guardian is one of our protection Versa-Bots. Created from our CyberCATS division of elite IT engineers, Guardian runs around your computer protecting your system from potentially threatening viruses and malware. Guardian is always protecting you 24/7.


Timmy is a maintenance Versa-Bot that cleans your computer every night. As you use your computer, it fills up with temporary files that slow it down. Timmy is programmed to remove junk and old files so your computer runs efficiently.


Cagen is a resource monitor that keeps a watchful eye on your computer resources like hard disk space, memory, and even your processor. He looks for computer errors and problems and, case depending, can automatically fix some issues. If not, an alert will be sent to a Data-Tech engineer to address the problem. This is why Cagen is the most sophisticated Versa-Bot.


Sentinel is our “self-healing” A.I agent, utilizing Shadow Repair technology that allows servers and workstations to repair themselves. Our next generation Sentinel agent responds in real time to unauthorized changes that might put your system at risk. Sentinel can restore any device in your enterprise back to optimal conditions on demand or automatically. Sentinel doesn’t just report a problem; it fixes it without costly technician intervention.


Synergy’s primary task is to keep security and applications updated. Synergy communicates with Microsoft and other application providers, and is programmed to automatically download and apply updates and security patches.


We designed Metro specifically to extend support to remote locations. Metro is always running in the background, waiting for any possible remote support technician commands.

Metro can execute these commands completely in the background, so your activity is not interrupted. However, you can allow the remote agent to completely take over the device to address the repairs.


Ziggy is our auditing and reporting Versa-Bot. Ziggy collaborates with Timmy. Once Timmy finishes gathering the necessary information about your computer, he sends it to Ziggy.

Accounting, HR, CEO’s, and IT managers love Ziggy because they get a detailed picture of their entire IT enterprise. With Ziggy’s information, compliance and regulation are just a click away.

Ziggy can be programmed to send scheduled reports to your accounting and HR teams to keep them up to date on assets and user productivity within your organization.


Our monitoring bot, Speckles, will monitor your network 24/7, 365 days a year. He’s always scanning for new additions to your network.

When he finds new devices, he can be programmed to automatically deploy a Managed Service agent so all the other Versa Bots can do their jobs. Even if he’s not programmed to deploy agents, he will let the Data-Tech team know that new devices were found.