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Our SophosLabs analysts monitor and research malware, spam and web threats as they happen, around the globe. We collect what we know in these dashboards, and update them constantly as we detect new threats. You'll find threats itemized by country, volume and prevalence. Our dashboards help you figure out exactly what you're up against—and how to fix it.

Threat Analysis

Welcome to SophosLabs. We’re the people behind the scenes, collecting, correlating and analyzing data to provide the best protection for every Sophos customer. We’ve developed a state of the art big data analytics system so we can efficiently process the millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points that come into the labs each day.

We draw upon this data and extensive experience to develop new definitions that detect entire classes of threats, even new variants. We investigate edge cases, monitor trends and tune our products for ever better protection. And, with Live Protection and Live Anti-spam, you benefit from all our data and analysis in real time.

With all this work, you may wonder if we ever sleep. The answer is: we don’t! Our facilities in Australia, Hungary, England, and Canada allow us to follow the sun, ensuring analysts are on duty to respond to new threats and analyze customer submissions 24/7/365.


Data Tech is aware that there are significant ISP Outages in Florida at this time.

Please click the below link to see if you are affected by these outages.

Century Link




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