Healthcare Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the Healthcare industry for you.

Access Healthcare
Data-Tech helped Access Healthcare to vastly improve security and Internet speeds to access medical applications and data (with 35 percent faster network performance), all while achieving HIPAA compliance.

About Access Healthcare:

Access Healthcare Physicians Group
5350 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34606
(352) 688-8116

“Quality and respect are the foundations of Access Healthcare Physicians, LLC and will guide us as we strive to earn the loyalty of every patient we serve; and to fulfill our goal to be a leading healthcare provider in Hernando, Pasco, and Citrus counties.”

Access Healthcare provides these services throughout the state of Florida with more than 100 physical office locations and over 170 physicians on staff.

IT Profile
Like many companies today, Access Healthcare is challenged by various technology requirements. Due to the number of offices (100) and total users in the organization (more than 700) they face challenges across larger scales than most companies. Since they are in the patient healthcare vertical, they have additional regulations to abide by as well.

Business Challenge
Access Healthcare needed to achieve additional HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security regulation compliance by implementing Executive Dashboard and comprehensive reporting, as well as administrative management and alerting, throughout their wide area network. They were in need of a solution that would deliver a deeper level of network protection and security services, without compromising network performance.

Here are a few technology challenges required by the well known HIPAA patient information security regulations:

“We’re able to access applications quicker and easier, and our system performance is 35 percent faster than it was before”
“As a result of our partnership with Data-Tech, We were able to implement a hosted SonicWALL Global Management Solution that exceeded all of our expectations,” stated Lex Harris, IT Director at AHC.

“Not only did it meet all of our HIPAA requirements, the SonicWALL solution Data-Tech proposed, presented, and implemented has made our wide area network much more productive. We’re able to access applications quicker and easier, and our system performance is 35 percent faster than it was before; while increasing global security for our users and patient information.”

To provide a solution for Access Healthcare, Data-Tech leveraged the Cyber-Cats. An elite team of technical innovators unique to Data-Tech, the Cyber-Cats focus on enhancing existing cyber resources to advance business intelligence, operations and objectives.

Access Healthcare replaced its mismatched firewalls with Dell SonicWall Generation 2 Firewalls. Data-Tech added 2 high availability failover SonicWALL NSA 3600 firewalls for the hosted AHC infrastructure, and TZ 215w Total Secure firewalls at each remote location.

The new firewalls provide robust security services that protect its patients, doctors, nurses and staff and comply with all HIPAA regulations. In addition, the implementation of the hosted Dell SonicWALL GMS has allowed the organization to gain visibility into and control over global wide area network utilization.

HIPAA ComplianceData-Tech’s solution:
  • Delivers 35 percent faster network performance than previous solution
  • Improves security and HIPAA compliance
  • Enables deeper security and reporting with IPS, SSL decryption and inspection, gateway anti-virus, content filtering and other security services
  • Expands access for doctors, pharmacies and vendors with secure VPN access

Lex Harris had this to say: “The security services—intrusion prevention, SSL decryption and inspection and gateway-anti-virus, among others—addresses HIPAA compliance. Dell SonicWALL provides all these features in one device, which is absolutely fantastic.”

Tech Challenge: Firewalls That Drag Down Network Performance
Access Healthcare is committed to the security of patient information and, as a healthcare organization, is subject to the HIPAA act. Among other things, HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to:

  • Have reliable systems in place to control and monitor access to equipment containing personal health information (PHI) Protect information systems housing PHI from intrusion by monitoring for malicious activity
Provide documentation of those practices to prove HIPAA compliance However, Access Healthcare’s prior firewall infrastructure was failing to deliver the level of security and HIPAA compliance the healthcare organization required.

“The prior firewall didn’t have many of the features we needed—such as content filtering—to prevent users from accessing dangerous websites,” explains Harris. “And while the device did have intrusion prevention built in, when we turned that feature on, it would break our network, causing traffic to crawl. As a result, we were forced to turn it off. This left us with a security exposure and the inability to meet the intrusion prevention requirement by HIPAA.”

Access Healthcare reached out immediately to their dedicated hosting and managed service solution partner, Data-Tech, for a solution that addressed these requirements.

“We needed a cost effective firewall and security solution.” explains Lex Harris.

After comparing functionality, usability and performance, Access Healthcare selected Data-Tech’s SonicWALL Global Network Security Solution. Data-Tech sized the NSA 3600 Total Secure firewalls and deployed them in high availability in AHC’s main data center, located at Data-Tech. The Dell SonicWALL NSA Series of next-generation firewalls enables organizations to block even the most sophisticated threats, including an intrusion prevention system (IPS) with advanced anti-evasion capabilities, SSL decryption and inspection, and network based malware protection.

The Dell SonicWALL NSA 3600 is designed to secure large distributed and corporate central site environments, requiring high throughput capacity and performance. Two security services run on the firewall to ensure complete protection.

The Dell SonicWALL Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite provides Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence & Control Service, and Content Filtering Service. The Dell SonicWALL Content Filtering Service (CFS) delivers unequalled content/URL filtering enforcement, giving organizations control over which web sites employees can access using their IT-issued computers behind the firewall. Easy on the network and easy to use, Access Health Care found that the SonicWALL NSA 3600 delivered the security features it needed without the performance issues it had experienced with the previous solution.

“The Dell SonicWALL NSA 3600 is the perfect match for us,” says Harris. “It gives us a stable platform. We don’t have to worry that if we turn on the intrusion prevention, traffic is going to slow down.”

Moreover, Harris found the NSA 3600 to be exceptionally easy to use.

“The NSA 3600 is very intuitive. Once we log in to the dashboard and then log in to the device, everything is easily reachable. Nothing could be simpler than it is—just a few clicks and you’re in the right place,” says Harris.

Access Healthcare also invested in the Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS). Hosted and administrated by Data-Tech, GMS extends SonicWALL security products and services to optimize network security monitoring, enhance network security reporting, manage growth and ease administrative burdens. Access Healthcare found that the GMS platform offered the same ease of use as the NSA 3600.

“With GMS being visual like it is, we can see everything in the charts and can pull the reports literally within seconds,” comments Harris. “For example, if we have a bandwidth issue in one of our facilities and we want to narrow down what’s happening, Data-Tech’s data center engineers and help desk can log in to GMS, look at the live monitor and quickly see the cause of the problem and resolve it before it becomes a work stoppage problem. For example, if a particular user is using streaming media, we can remotely disable the task.” (Example Report A).

Example Report A:

Dell SonicWALL firewalls can detect initiator activity. This report details data usage by initiator. Initiator IP addresses are always provided. If known, the initiator host names and usernames are also given.

Improved security and reporting with the Dell SonicWALL solutions in place, AHC established the comprehensive security needed to achieve and prove HIPAA compliance.

“The security services—intrusion prevention, SSL decryption and inspection and gateway-antivirus, among others—addresses HIPAA compliance,” reports Harris. “Dell SonicWALL provides all these features in one device, which is absolutely fantastic.” Advanced features intact, Access Health Care is now able to proactively prevent most security issues.

“With the strong and secure firewalls in place, our end user support no longer has to deal with many threats getting through,” says Harris. “For example, the content filtering prevents employees from ever getting to websites where they can pull down Trojans, malware or other threats. And the SSL decryption and inspection gives us better insight into and control over what is happening within the networks, which further improves security.”

Access Health Care can even update its application controls immediately when new security weaknesses are discovered.

“We can now monitor application flow in real time to see which applications are being used, and implement policy on the fly to block applications that pose security risks,” explains Harris. “For instance, if we see that someone is using public cloud file sharing and storing solutions—which is a major concern for healthcare organizations because it risks exposure of PHI—we can immediately block that application.” (See Example Chart B)

35 Percent Faster Performance Enables Higher Productivity

Equally important, the Dell SonicWALL solutions deliver all this security without degrading performance.

“From day one when we put the Dell solutions in place, we began receiving feedback that the speed had increased significantly,” comments Harris. “We’re more productive because people can access their applications quicker and easier. System performance is 35 percent faster than our previous solution.”

Access Healthcare now has the visibility into network usage it needs to continue to ensure high performance. “With the great visibility into the network that Data-Tech and SonicWALL provide, we can anticipate our future needs,” explains Harris. “For example, when we bring another facility into our organization, we can evaluate whether we need to add more bandwidth.”

Secure VPN Access Enables Secure Use of Outside Resources
“We deal with outside vendors and pharmacies, as well as outside coders,” notes Harris. “Our VPN access enables us to give them a solid connection, so we can save time and money by using those resources instead of trying to do everything internally.”

A Flexible Solution That Will Allow or Block the Addition of BYOD and More
Access Healthcare will not allow a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy at this time. However, if that changes in the future, it will need to comply with HIPAA requirements.

“With the Dell solutions, we are able to start with the next-generation firewall to get the security we need, and then build on top of it; adding BYOD and additional security features as we go, if and when needed,” explains Harris. “For instance, the SonicWALL Mobile Connect app will allow us to give doctors secure access to our internal medical applications so they will be able to work practically from anywhere. They will be able to see lab results or other patient information from the outside, in a secure and compliant way”.

Example Chart B:

Dell SonicWALL firewalls can detect what applications are generating traffic through the firewall. This report details the top applications generating traffic.
Bay Dermatology
About Bay Dermatology
Since 1988, Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery has offered central Florida patients the region’s highest quality care for advanced treatment of all skin, hair and nail disorders. Our Board Certified dermatologists specialize in diseases of the skin, skin cancer, psoriasis therapy, and ultraviolet light therapy, as well as a variety of cosmetic procedures. All of our procedures are performed with the utmost care and we take great pride in the personal, one-on-one attention we give to our patients.

With offices conveniently located in Port Richey, Tampa, Largo, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor and Homosassa, Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is the only practice of its kind serving all of Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando and Citrus counties.

In 1998, Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery opened Bay Skin Care. Here, a professional team of licensed aestheticians works in association with our physicians to promote skin health and offer a wide variety of services and medical grade skin care products. Our aesthetician services are available for post-operative care for cosmetic, laser and other surgical procedures.

Bay Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is also a teaching facility affiliated with NOVA Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. Routinely, medical students, interns and residents rotate through its offices learning the most up to date and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities in dermatology.

In July of 2012 Bay Dermatology expanded with a Psoriasis & Vitiligo Center in the St. Pete Beach office. This one-of-a-kind treatment center offers the latest laser treatments, biologics and topical/oral medications. No longer do you have to hide from your skin disorders, we’re here to help.

The providers at Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery are happy to see you for a consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding dermatologic procedures.

Bay Dermatology Migrates From Citrix To 2X, Supported By Data-Tech

IT Profile:
Bay Dermatology has over 150 users, 7 locations and 170 endpoints with 8 servers located in a Data-Center managed by a local IT firm. The company’s interconnects between locations were simple VPN over T1 or cable modem connections.

Juan Rosa, the IT Manager for Bay Dermatology, called Data-Tech because he was dealing with daily performance and connectivity problems with his network and servers. The user experience was poor and failing to improve. Prior to calling Data-Tech, Juan attempted remediation with his current provider, but a cost-effective, high performance solution was not realized.

After meeting with Juan, Data-Tech was able to quickly diagnose the technology limitations at the root of Bay Dermatology’s daily tech issues. Data-Tech determined that the server farm was way underpowered; too many users and resources were combined on servers without the proper resources assigned.

The infrastructure design for Bay Dermatology was fundamentally wrong, inefficient and allowed for multiple single points of failure and compromised performance. This resulted in a subpar user experience. The software platform was also outdated and failed to provide the flexibility needed for high performance of a large scale operation. Bay Dermatology had multiple locations connected by old, outdated and unreliable technology.

The management and monitoring tools provided by Juan Rosa’s IT service provider were also low quality, outdated and failed to provide adequate information and support tools necessary for the large scale operations at Bay Dermatology.

The final challenge was to provide a smooth and quick migration from Bay Dermatology’s current Data-Center and IT provider to Data-Tech’s privately owned Data-Center and IaaS platform.

Solution Provided:
After meeting with Juan and identifying the issues his users were experiencing, Data-Tech understood the solution needed to be fast, reliable and cost-effective. Juan gave Data-Tech a budget to work with and parameters on what would provide an outstanding experience for his users.

The first challenge to address was that the current infrastructure was on outdated hardware; a root cause of its limitations. Data-Tech needed to provide an infrastructure solution that was lightning fast and reliable, but also within the budget provided by Juan. Leveraging our Infrastructure as a Service Platform, Data-Tech was able to deliver a state of the art infrastructure built on Dell’s Blade Servers. With a blazing fast 100% Solid State Drive subsystem, Hex Core Processors and 5 times the estimated RAM requirement, this system would not only provide immediate response but would be scalable and reliable for years to come.

Data-Tech’s Cloud Services Software Platform is built on Microsoft’s 2012 Operating System and leverages the Hyper-V virtualization technology. This platform provides Bay Dermatology with the performance, reliability, dynamic scalability and management tools required to deliver the performance expectations of both Bay Dermatology users and doctors.

During the diagnostic phase, Data-Tech also determined that the connectivity between Bay Dermatology’s offices and the Data-Center were not adequate. Data-Tech’s CyberCATS Team of engineers explained to Juan that no matter how fast we made the infrastructure in our Data-Center, the users would not have a great experience unless we could provide the offices with reliable high speed connectivity. Data-Tech was able to leverage our partnership with Bright House Networks to provide Bay Dermatology with tremendous discounts on an all Fiber Metro-Ethernet private network, integrated to our Data-Center at a price that was within the budget.

Data-Tech utilizes the latest software platforms for monitoring, management and automated maintenance of our infrastructure. Our Data-Center Support Team manages over ten thousand end points and tens of thousands of users using Kaseya, PRTG and 2X RAS server for management and deployment. By extension of being hosted in the Data-Tech Data-Center and being a part of our IaaS Platform, Juan and Bay Dermatology receive access to these enterprise level management tools.

Data-Tech leverages 2X RAS Server for cloud services connectivity. On the old platform, Bay Dermatology was provided Citrix for connectivity. The Citrix platform was expensive, cumbersome to manage and outdated. Upgrading the Citrix platform would have pushed the project out of budget. Using the 2X RAS Platform, Data-Tech was able to deliver a superior Cloud Connectivity Platform that is easy to manage and provides more tools and scalability. This solution allowed for the full version including the Web Platform, while still managing to come in under budget You can find out more about the 2X RAS Platform at Data-Tech is a Premier business partner of 2X Software and is able to provide direct engineering support and premier pricing discounts.

Once the infrastructure was built and tested, Data-Tech designed a detailed and efficient migration plan. The CyberCATS team at Data-Tech is very experienced in Data-Center migrations for clients, whether moving from Premise to the Cloud or from one Data-Center to another. There was a high degree of confidence in migrating Bay Dermatology’s 150 users and 7 locations to our Data-Center and the new, state-of-the-art-infrastructure.

The migration was scheduled for Friday at 5pm and needed to be completed by the following Monday at 8am when Bay Dermatology opened it’s doors to patients. It was a tremendous success. On Monday at 8am, Bay Dermatology was up and running on the new platform provided by Data-Tech. Printer and user login challenges were expected and remedied, and overall, Bay Dermatology was fully operational, with very few end user issues.
Stolen Medical Equipment Recovery
VMS recovers stolen medical equipment for client

Case: Ex-Contractor for large medical group steals computers and medical equipment from a remote office. Data-Techs Versa Managed Services program was able to locate the stolen equipment and arrange for law enforcement recovery of all equipment along with verification that no sensitive security data was accessed or compromised.

Note: For security access to the client name in this case study has been kept confidential.
CTO for the client: “Data-Tech was amazing and helped us recover all the stolen equipment within 24 hours. The service provided by the specialized Versa Managed Services was invaluable to our recovery and verification that our sensitive data had not been accessed.”

When a large medical group approached Data-Tech about a security review Data-Tech jumped at the chance to compare our Versa Managed Services program to one of our competitors. Data-Tech immediately engaged the Cyber-CATS engineering division of Data-Tech for a comprehensive security review.

The Cyber-CATS security review was able to show the medical group they were not fully leveraging the capability of managed services. Cyber-CATS were also able to expose several potential security risks that were easily addressed with the Versa Managed Services Security System.

The medical group was impressed with the Cyber-CATS and the security review. An IT Management Transition was scheduled and the medical group was further impressed with the predefined Security Lockdown Protocol designed by the Data-Tech Cyber-CATS engineers. The ability to do an overnight roll-out of automated protocols to change passwords, block open ports, disable remote control protocols and disable all known remote access software within a 30 minute time period for a smooth and secure IT Services Transition for 59 servers and 800+ workstations over 40 locations impressed the large medical group.

Recovery of Stolen Equipment
12 months into the service agreement with Data-Tech the large medical group experienced a break-in and theft at one of their remote offices. Several computers and expensive medical equipment devices were stolen. The IT Director called Data-Tech’s VMS 24 Support Hotline to see if the engineers could invoke the Remote DoD wipe protocol for the computers that were stolen to protect the data for HIPAA compliance.

*The Remote DoD wipe is a custom protocol script Data-Tech created to enable a Remote Department of Defense compliant cleansing of the hard disk. DoD compliant fills the drive with 1’s and 0’s so there is 0 chance of Data-Recovery.

The support engineering team decided to do a location test first on the equipment. They found one of the stolen computers stolen was Online with the Versa Prime server. The team was able to retrieve the local IP address of the workstation and lookup the Internet Provider. The Team then contacted the Internet Service Provider for an address to the location. The Team had to conference call with the client’s CTO and were able to get authorization for an address to the location of the online workstation. Local law enforcement was dispatched to the location given by the Internet Provider.

The police were able to capture the criminals in the act of using the computer. They were also able to recover all of the stolen computers including all the medical equipment stolen from the office.

The CTO remarked that the insight from the Data-Tech’s engineering team to locate the equipment using the Versa Managed Services instead of simply wiping the hard drives allowed the medical group to recover all the medical equipment valued at over $250,000 dollars.

For HIPAA compliance the medical group had to report the equipment stolen. HIPAA compliance states medical groups must not only report theft but must provide proof that no confidential data was accessed or compromised. Through the Data-Tech Versa Managed Services program the engineers were able to run an Audit Report to verify no critical or confidential data was accessed or compromised. Data-Tech’s knowledge and experience with HIPAA compliance played an important role and allowed the team to be prepared for specialized compliance reports required.

CTO – “This Audit Report alone saved the medical group a potential HIPAA Security Fine in excess of 1 million dollars.”

The Data-Tech Engineers and Cyber-CATS division engineers provided outstanding pre and post implementation services for this medical group and were praised by the principals for service above and beyond expectations and their knowledge and insight for the specialized needs of a large medical group.
Gastro Group
Data-Tech Provides Versa Managed Services for Tampa Gastro Group

Case: Multi Location Tampa Gastro Group relies on Data-Tech for Proactive Managed IT Solutions, Managed Virus and Malware Security along with Corporate Help Desk Services.

Note: For privacy reasons the client name in this case study has been kept confidential.

Leading Dr. Comments: “Thanks! We love the great 24 hr. service provided by Data-Tech’s specialized Versa Managed Services. It has been invaluable to our group. You’re a life saver! (No, not the candy).” Dr. XX

In the Beginning:
When this mid-sized medical group was beginning to come together DR. X was referred to Data-Tech by one of his trusted advisors over 12 years ago. Data-Tech was asked to consult and assist in building the IT Solution and ongoing management for the multi location group. After several demonstrations and cost comparisons, the Doctors chose its Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record systems. It became Data-Tech’s responsibility to reach out to Software Company and collect information and establish a partnership to provide the best solution for the multi-location group.

Data-Tech provided a total solution for a private server farm for local and remote access, for all users.Data-Tech also provided all workstations and tablets for all the users and doctors to roam within the office on a secure private Wi-Fi connection, while still being able to access the PM and EMR solution from any location.

Data-Tech additionally rolled out their Versa ELITE Managed Services Program, their most comprehensive and proactive solution. Versa ELITE provides an all-inclusive support for all users and devices within the organization. Essentially this small to mid-sized medical group was able to take advantage of a solution built for fortune 500 technology groups. This included corporate help desk for all users providing them resources about technology and how it can help them each day while handing loads of patients and secure information transactions.

Current Status:
After many years of working hand and hand with the main doctors and staff members, Data-Tech and this group remain a great partnership with trust and commitment to each other. Over the years we have provided upgrades and Refreshers of the core Private Farm for the original Practice Management software and Electronic Medical Records application.

Data-Techs Proactive Managed Services solution has provided this group with a long lasting, solid, dependable technology infrastructure on which it continues to grow, and flourish in today’s harsh economy and changing healthcare world. We Remain committed to our client and partner as we share experiences of the ever changing world of healthcare compliance.
Family Physicians Group
Family Physicians Group Interim CTO Project

Data-Tech has been providing IT Services to Family Physicians Group since 2007. Data-Tech provided Server Hosting in our private Data-Center located in Tampa, Fl. Along with complete Server Management, Data Integrity and Business Continuity Services. Data-Tech’s engineers worked closely with the IT Manager Amar Bulsara to support the primary Practice Management Program used by FPG which is GE’s Centricity.

In 2010 FPG was facing a major product upgrade for GE Centricity Practice Management and EMR software. Going against Data-Tech’s as well as internal and external consultants recommendations for FPG, the IT Director at that time for FPG decided to move the Servers to Orlando where FPG Corporate headquarters was located. The IT Director also decided to terminate the long standing relationship for IT Services and Support with Data-Tech.

Less than 6 months after FPG moved their servers and IT Support Services to Orlando, the owner of Family Physicians Group contacted Data-Tech CEO Chris Lietz for assistance. In a meeting with Data-Tech CEO and system engineers FPG explained that since the departure from Data-Tech IT Services and Support their Enterprise Network has not provided acceptable performance or reliability. Data-Tech suggested a deep IT evaluation of FPG Systems.

After a 2 week IT Systems Overview Data-Tech System Engineers reported back to FPG Management Staff a series of miss-configured systems, poorly managed servers and network and overall gross negligence across the FPG Server Farm of 45 servers. Data-Tech was able to show FPG Data-Backup systems had not been functioning since the departure from Data-Tech. Critical Support and Security Updates to Servers and Systems was not up to date. Maintenance and Management of the Server Farm was not done correctly. Performance was affected by a combination of inappropriate hardware purchased and implemented along with miss-configuration of the entire network.

Within one week of the report release to FPG Owner and Management Staff the IT Director turned in is resignation. FPG’s Owner and senior staff became very concerned for FPG’s security, stability and overall system operations. Chris Lietz, CEO of Data-Tech was asked to provide a solution.

Knowing that quick action needed to be taken, Chris Lietz offered his services as interim CTO for FPG on a 6 month contract. The primary actions Chris provided were to secure the network and data for FPG. Secondly stabilize the network and server farm and then focus on system performance.

At the end of a 6 month engagement FPG Server Farm and Network infrastructure were secure, stable and performing at an acceptable performance level. Chris recommended Amar Bulsara for the CTO role moving forward and that FPG engage Data-Tech for a Managed Services Agreement to manage the server farm and 600 workstations. This contract remains in place today and has recently been renewed through the year 2015.
NCG Medical
Data-Tech has been providing IT Services to NCG clients for several years. Data-Tech worked closely with NCG Corporate to provide integrated support for mutual clients.

NCG’s product delivery was a premised based Client / Server solution which required onsite IT Services and Management. As NCG’s client base grew and the relationship between NCG and Data-Tech continued to grow it became clear that a tighter integration of services would benefit both companies.

Data-Tech and NCG corporate members met to discuss what the best options would be to enhance the relationship. It was decided that Chris Lietz, CEO, CTO for Data-Tech would conduct a 90 day evaluation of NCG’s corporate operations. This evaluation included NCG’s internal IT Services provided to NCG clients, NCG’s desire to create a Cloud Solution for their clients by Web Enabling their custom software for Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records and provide a solution to continue a high level of help desk services for the growing NCG client base.

In the first 60 days of the IT evaluation Chris Lietz made several recommendations to improve IT Services by NCG and cut overall IT Operating Cost over $200,000. After evaluating each position at NCG, Chris discovered redundancy’s in position, inefficiencies is employee structure and improper management responsibilities communicated to the NCG Staff.

Here is a brief summary of the changes recommended and implemented in the final 30 days of the IT Consulting Agreement by Chris Lietz at Data-Tech.
  • The internal IT Services Team at NCG was released and all Help Desk, Remote Support and Premise based IT Services and Management were Outsourced to Data-Tech’s professional Help Desk Operations.
  • Data-Tech’s Help Desk work closely with Data-Tech Field Service Team to effectively and efficiently service NCG Clients.
  • Data-Tech’s Service Management Team also took over Vendor, Partner and Contractor management for NCG Clients over the United States.
  • Data-Tech established a Hot Spare system farm in our Data Center so Hot Spare systems were standing by and ready for instant replacement for NCG Clients.
  • NCG Cloud Services
  • The NCG Evaluation revealed duplication in efforts between Data-Techs Hosting Services and thein-house Cloud Services Manager at NCG. NCG’s in-house Cloud Manager was released and all Cloud Services, Hosting, Management and Support were transferred to Data-Techs Cloud Services Engineers.
  • Data-Tech’s engineers continue to work closely with NCG Developers to refine the Cloud Delivery of their Practice Management and EMR products for the Medical Industry.
  • Healthcare Software Developement
    Healthcare Software Case Study:

    Jam Infosy Inc. VDI Programmers Project – How to use local USA resources and leverage oversees talent
    Upen Patel, “Data-Tech’s Cyber CAT division was able to engineer a solution that I was looking for with VDI.”

    Upen Patel is a Healthcare Technology Consultant for Family Physicians Group. Upen is familiar with Data-Tech due to our long standing cooperative IT relationship. Family Physicians Group has been a Data-Tech client since 2007.

    When Upen decided to start his own business centered on software development for specific Healthcare Software and Information Processing needs he came to Data-Tech first. Upen wanted to keep all his information and technology here in the US but needed to leverage some specific development expertise in India.

    The challenge was each developer needed their own private environment and could not share workspace. However, they also needed a universally accessible development repository as well as testing and evaluation servers for all the pieces to work together.

    Data-Tech engaged the Cyber CAT division for a solution. Cyber CATS decided to create a Virtual Environment comprised of Virtual VDI (Virtual Independent Desktops) for each engineer running on Microsoft 2012 Hyper-V Platform. 2012 Hyper-V has Remote FX video technology for lightening fast Video to the end user. These engineer desktops would be part of a tightly controlled domain where only the engineer could see his or her resources but they could all share and access centralized development repositories and evaluation servers for testing.

    The security is a complicated mix of native Windows Active Directory and our own Managed Services Software built on the Kaseya platform. Security was a key requirement for Upen’s group as much of the software is custom developed and often the developers are working with confidential information. The VDI Virtual Workstations needed to be locked down to the local environment.

    The Cyber CATS solution had to maintain HIPAA compliance for security and Data Integrity as well as Recovery.

    Upen’s personal experience with Data-Tech and the Cyber CAT division has led him to become a reseller partner with Data-Tech and extend our Technology and IT Management Services to his new clients. Extending our Outsourced Help Desk to assist Upen in growing his business will be a key part of his growth.