Hospitality Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the Hospitality industry for you.

Columbia Restaurant Group
Columbia Restaurant Group Migration Premise to the Cloud

Columbia Restaurant Group Technology is reaching End of Life. Due to the complexity, platform and system integration Premise Based IT clients like Columbia are historically provided pricing based on upgrading and replacing the Hardware Infrastructure. This is a very costly approach as it would be for Columbia. Primarily based on Server 2003 platform with a base of Office 2003 and Windows XP workstations Columbia is facing a wholesale replacement of their infrastructure.

Much like throwing a pebble in a pond or tipping a domino, as systems are upgraded invariably this affects other systems which in turn need to be upgraded. In the end, the client is left with a 100k capital expense and still facing IT Service and Support cost not to mention the Cost of Ownership associated with this type of purchase. Subscriptions and Maintenance alone is estimated at 20% of the investment. This does not include the human factor for labor and support nor account for the Unknown issue.

Other questions also arise when contemplating the investment for a Premise Based IT Infrastructure surrounding the Environment, Availability, Redundancy, and Technical Access. Not too long ago IT operations could be sustained with 8-6 support. However, times have changed. Many IT Systems must be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means access to the systems must be made available at all times. This is not typically allowed on Premise based systems.

These are the driving factors for Migrating Columbia Restaurant Group from a Premise Based IT Infrastructure to a Private Cloud Infrastructure designed and supported by Data-Tech’s Cyber-CAT engineering division.

Moving to the cloud reduces the Capital Expenditure for Columbia by 75%. Simply put they have all the tools and toys for one low price. This includes Support, Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs. Systems Management, Data Integrity and Business Continuity all built in. Data Center operations and support are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Columbia’s Network Infrastructure is no longer subject to Premise Based Environmental disturbances.

Migrating to the Cloud Infrastructure had many positive bi-products as well. It instantly creates a Mobile Work Force. Allowing Cross-Platform access from any media including Notebooks, Tablets and Smart Devices. Embracing today’s business needs for Workforce Mobility drives higher production and efficiency’s form the business.

Once migrated to the Cloud all of Columbia’s locations and remote processing needs will benefit. The Cloud creates and infrastructure for fast and efficient centralized IT. By Centralizing IT you can support, manage and secure you data and systems more efficiently and cost effectively.
Hooters Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Hooters Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – Technology Upgrade and Rollup

Jeff Hall “After interviewing several IT Service Providers we chose Data-Tech for their technical team and understanding of the project.”

In 2004 Hooters purchased a 2/3 interest in the then Hotel San Remo in Las Vegas. Once the purchase was final, the Hooters group only had a short time to get the Hotel into shape and start making money. The San Remo was an older hotel and the technology infrastructure was old as well.

The Hooters Hotel and Casino Entity was comprised of 9 separate Hooters groups. The Information Technology Rollup was managed by the Original Hooters Group out of Clearwater Florida. Jeff Hall, IT Manager of Original Hooters was tasked with identifying an Information Technology company that could assist Hooters IT in a Technology Rollup to get the Casino infrastructure upgraded. The challenge was getting the rollup completed in 60 days due the new Point of Sale software coming that would be running the Casino.

Hooters presented the project to several IT Service companies and asked for a solution, timeline and project scope within 2 weeks. Jeff Hall commented that Data-Tech was one of a few Technology companies that responded with a comprehensive understanding of what needed to be accomplished. The fact that Data-Tech had a Point of Sale division at the time also helped in the project scope design and understanding. 2 years prior to this project Chris Lietz was asked by Hooters Corporate to go with their senior executive team to Canada and assist with the evaluation of new Point of Sale software for the Hooters stores.

Jeff Hall also remarked that part of the decision was based on the willingness of Chris Lietz to assist and head up the engineering team in person at the Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Chris personally flew out to Las Vegas prior to getting the bid just to get a personal view of the task at hand.

Ultimately Data-Tech was awarded the project because of the combined expertise of the engineering team headed up by Chris. In some cases the team literally worked day and night to get specific tasks accomplished.

Data-Tech was able to complete the project in 45 days, ahead of schedule and plenty of time to implement the new Point of Sale system for the Casino.
Seminole Hard Rock Casino
Seminole Hard Rock Casino – PCI Compliance for 5 years of data backup on tape

Jeff Odenheimer Sr. Network Administrator at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

“We had a complicated compliance issue at Hard Rock. Data-Tech’s engineers came up with a unique solution and helped us achieve PCI Compliance for our Data.”

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino had a unique challenge. They had 5 years of LTO tape backups that needed to be encrypted. Jeff Odenheimer received our name from a shared vendor for long term file storage. We had been doing business with this vendor and their clients for several years.

Jeff gave us call because he was told we focus on IT Solutions not just IT Products. Jeff said we were described as a company that likes challenges and creating unique cost effective solutions.

Hard Rock had the need to encrypt 5 years of LTO Tape Backups for PCI compliance but also had a small budget in which the project needed to be completed. Data-Tech’s CEO and R&D Engineer Chris Lietz took the challenge to the senior engineering team at Data-Tech. Within a day the team came up with an elegant solution that would fit the Hard Rock project budget.

The team realized the challenge was to encrypt the tapes and keep the data structure of the tapes intact. This was the only way to ensure if Hard Rock needed to retrieve any data it would be where it was originally stored. The other solutions Hard Rock had received did not take this into account and Hard Rock was relieved and impressed that our engineering team was able to realize this.

So the challenge wasn’t really the encryption, it was preserving the original data structure after encryption. Our solution was simple. Analyze the tape structure for Server and Resource names, Create a Virtual Environment to replicate the original servers, restore the data to its original locations, then backup the data again this time using Encryption.

Because the backups were up to 5 years old, many of the servers and data locations were gone or changed on the Hard Rock network. So this was the only way to preserve the data structure and integrity.

Data-Tech created a special Virtual Server Farm and was able to recreate the server structure for each data backup. Hard Rock had 5 locations with data and PCI compliance needed to be achieved in only a few months. Within the Virtual Server Farm Data-Tech was able to have several Data Restore and Backup jobs running simultaneously.

Though the project took a little longer than estimated due to LTO Tape Speed limitations, the project was completed and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino passed the PCI compliance Audit.