February 12, 2018

Knowing when to Resort to an Outsource for your Business and Technology

 Letting go and relinquishing control is not something that you don’t hear often and it may confuse you at first. We understand exactly what you’re thinking […]
January 11, 2017

Mobile Device Security in the Workplace: 5 Key Risks and a Surprising Challenge

Employees aren’t just bringing their mobile devices to the workplace — they’re living on them. A 2015 study by Bank of America found that 55 percent […]
January 11, 2017

Cybersecurity in Trump’s America: First 100 days

It could take months to know what the Trump administration’s cybersecurity policy will be. Cyber-defense experts weigh in with advice and best practices for securing your […]
January 11, 2017

2016 a banner year for EHR security breaches

Security breaches of electronic protected health information (ePHI) continue to plague the healthcare industry—and the trend shows no signs of abating. More than 25 million patient […]
January 4, 2017

PC and Mobile Device Encryption Webcast

PC and Mobile Device Encryption: You’ve Been Told You Need it, Now Know Why Too often, the methods and reasons for encryption are misunderstood. Attend this […]
December 9, 2016

Worried about identity theft? Avoid these password pitfalls

We’re constantly reminded of the risks that come with bad passwords, yet many people persist in using obvious and easy-to-crack names, words, and patterns. Want to […]
December 8, 2016

Florida Governor Rick Scott Congratulates Data-Tech

Data-Tech Receives Letter of Congratulations from Governor Rick Scott As 2016 comes to a close, we at Data-Tech look back on a year filled with achievements […]
November 9, 2016

Concerned About Voter Fraud, Rigged Election?

Concerned About Voter Fraud, Rigged Election? Cyber Security Experts Weigh In On The Digital Safety Of Tuesday’s Vote The 2016 election year has been one fraught […]
November 8, 2016

Democratic Party Hack

The news that the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Hillary Clinton Campaign were hacked — ostensibly by hackers associated […]