Bright Community Trust Testimonial
February 20, 2018
Tomlin Talent Solutions Testimonial
February 20, 2018

According to MacDonald Training Center:

Today, we fulfill our mission to empower people with disabilities to lead the lives they choose through the provision of person centered services customized for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, on the autism spectrum and other disabilities including hearing impairments.

MacDonald Training Center has been worry free of their data for years with Data-Tech, here’s what they have to say about us!

After moving to the cloud, we definitely saw a financial savings, direct and indirect. We don’t have to worry about putting out money for new hardware and software. 

The technology expertise and innovation that Data-Tech has brought us has allowed us to expand our capability and concentrate on our mission. 

We are 200 yards from Tampa Bay and we did not have a good backup/disaster recovery plan, now that we are in the cloud, all those worries have been eliminated

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