Nonprofit Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the Nonprofit industry for you.

MacDonald Training Center
MacDonald Training Center Migration Premise to the Cloud

In 2010 MacDonald Training Center, a non-profit organization in Tampa, FL, approached Data-Tech as one of 3 vendors challenged to provide an IT Services Solution.

MacDonald Training Center’s premise based servers and workstations were reach end of life and systems were starting to fail. Data Integrity was in question, support services were becoming unmanageable and the MTC work force was struggling to keep up with slow and aging workstations.

The challenge was MTC relies heavily on Government Grants and Private Donations for operations. The estimates to replace MTC Server Infrastructure and aging workstations numbering over 80 systems and 2 locations were substantial in excess of $100,000.00. MTC did not have this capital expenditure available which would also require ongoing service and support for System and Data Management.

Data-Tech’s solution was to migrate MacDonald Training Center premise based infrastructure to the Cloud. This innovative approach reduced MTC capital expense to less than $10,000.00 and established a fixed monthly cost which included all IT Services and Management for MTC that was well below the allowed budget and IT Cost Forecast.

In Addition, migrating MTC IT Operations to the cloud allowed MTC to continue using the existing Workstations with little or no financial impact. Because all Data Processing and Information management was now in the Cloud the local resources required for acceptable user experience were drastically reduced.

MTC had several complex and non-standard systems and software however the Cyber CAT engineers at Data-Tech were able to work with MTC and the software vendors to get everything working with the Cloud solution.

The Directory and Senior Management Team at MTC have been instrumental in the successful transition of MTC from Premise Based Computing to the Cloud.

Data-Tech wants to acknowledge special assistance and pricing support from key Vendors. 2X Software providing Cloud Connectivity. Brighthouse Networks for Fiber Internet Services. 3CX VoIP Business Phone System. Microsoft Software SPLA Licensing.

Data-Tech supports and contributes the outstanding programs developed and operated by MacDonald Training Center.