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February 20, 2018
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February 20, 2018

According to Orange Blossom Catering :

Our mission is simple: to assure you a successful event every time. You can expect delicious food, personalized service, and impeccable presentation every time. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a casual, elegant, or themed event, we’re dedicated to making every event memorable. Invite ten guests or a thousand, and you can be assured your event will be a success when you invite us! “From Intimate to Incredible,” that is Orange Blossom Catering

Since joining the Data-Tech family a few years ago, Orange Blossom has seen a marked improvement in its IT service. Here’s what they have to say! 

Since we’ve partnered with Data-Tech, we’ve seen better communication, less downtime, just a much improved system all the way around,” says Greg Wasmund, Event Coordinator. 

Like any business, employee downtime at Orange Blossom is something that has to be absolutely minimized. Any time lost due to IT issues means time taken away from the business at hand. 

“Less downtime for us means that we’re able to produce and we’re saving money by being able to continue production,” adds Wasmund. “Less service calls, our email is working better. Overall that translates to savings.” 

Data-Tech’s proactive service is another plus that Orange Blossom has recognized. “They monitor our systems and monitor our email. They alert us ahead of time if there are any potential issues before we even know about it…so that’s really a big plus for us.” 

Adds Wasmund: “Overall the whole staff in the office has been very impressed with the IT support we’ve received from Data-Tech. We’ve been very pleased.

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