Cyber-Alert! Small Businesses Have Become the Preferred Target of Cyber Criminals

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April 20, 2016
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Cyber-Alert! Small Businesses Have Become the Preferred Target of Cyber Criminals

We all know that the Internet has slowly but surely turned into a threat-laden minefield for business organizations to navigate today. But while we could once sit back and assume that this was only a problem for the Targets and Sonys of the world, it turns out that the opposite is now true.

Why are SMBs a Target?

Small and mid-sized businesses have now become the preferred target for hackers; not because the individual payoffs are so worthwhile, but primarily because:

(A) automation has made it simple to launch thousands of attacks at a time, and

(B) cybercriminals know that the majority of SMBs lack the preventative safeguards in place to effectively stop them.

Experts Agree: SMB’s are in Trouble

In an article for CSO Magazine, Greg Shannon, chief scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon, confirmed this. “Small business is a huge target because attacks are automated,” says Shannon. “The criminals don’t care who they’re attacking, and while any given business isn’t worth much, they have viruses or ransomware that allow them to attack thousands or millions.”

A white paper by international software security company Kaspersky backed this up by stating: “Larger enterprises have become better defended, so cybercriminals are moving down the business food chain.”

Experts note a number of reasons for the shift in focus towards SMBs. They include:

  • Failure to allocate funds for modern security safeguards
  • Lack of internal expertise
  • Failure to outsource to a qualified security provider
  • Lack of employee awareness/training
  • Failure to secure endpoints


The Urgent Need for Endpoint Encryption

The last item is especially timely today, due to the fact that networks have become progressively complex over the past few years. Gone are the days when employees simply accessed company information from their desktop workstations.

Today’s workforce is extremely mobile; employees, partners and even clients access company networks from mobile devices on a daily basis, from virtually anywhere. Companies all over the world have now adopted some sort of BYOD (bring your own device) policy. All of this has created a myriad of vulnerabilities that require definitive action in the form of a comprehensive security solution to protect a network.

Data-Tech’s Guardian Endpoint Encryption:
Cloud Managed, Affordable, Globally Secure!

Complicating matters even further for businesses that retain personal data on customers (or even employees), regulators are now cracking down on companies of all sizes that fail to implement adequate cyber-security protection for sensitive data of this kind.

Data-Tech and Sophos to the Rescue

While this all sounds pretty dire (it is), there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel. While the techniques of cybercriminals have evolved to the point that they have outgrown much of the security in place today, technology on the side of the good guys has matured too.  Better yet, it’s actually affordable.

Data-Tech has partnered with the experts at Sophos Featuring XG Firewall to offer High-level cyber threat prevention “as-a-Service.” (If that’s a foreign term, learn about the popular “As-a-Service” model in plain English here).

This allows budget-conscious companies of all sizes to implement modern, high level, highly effective cyber-security with little to no upfront investment, instead of paying an affordable monthly payment much like an electric or water bill.

At Data-Tech, this is our specialty.  Named as a Top 10 Managed Security Provider in the Industry last year, Data-Tech invites you to contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your business at a price that fits your budget; or simply take advantage of our risk-free Cyber-Threat Assessment today!


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