Staffing & Consulting Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the Nonprofit industry for you.

Hoffman Realty
Hoffman Realty Migrates To The Cloud

Having a reliable IT company who answers the phone when you need support is important for many businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. When one Tampa IT company stopped answering their phones, Data-Tech came to the rescue.

Business has changed over the past years for one Tampa property management group “Hoffman Realty”. However, one thing remains constant in business today, always look after the needs of your clients and in turn they will take care of you.

This rings true for us at Data-Tech. When we learned that a local property management organization was experiencing frustration because their incumbent IT firm wasn’t providing even the basics in client service, we jumped in to help.

During our first meeting we learned their current IT provider was unresponsive, and had actually said, they were not a good fit for them anymore. Software was out of date leaving them at risk for viruses, malware and other malicious code infecting their computer network.

Data-Tech Jumped Into Action!
We first resolved their virus issues, running full system scans to ensure any viruses, malware or spyware were removed from their systems. We installed a new managed antivirus solution that is updated on a daily basis to ensure security remains high.

Over time, as Hoffman Realty grew, Data-Tech offered a Cloud Solution. This would provide a much more secure and cost effective solution to their IT needs. The owner of Hoffman Realty stated “We moved our IT To Data-Tech’s cloud solution and that went remarkably smoothly. I give them high marks for that. We kept waiting for something to go wrong and it never did, it happened very smoothly.”

“Since moving to Data-Tech’s cloud, we have been able to eliminate the software upgrade fees and buying new hardware every few years bringing a significant savings to our company.”

Our help desk team is responsive to their challenges when they arise, effectively removing IT from their daily worry list. Data-Tech specializes in property management firms. It is this knowledge of the inner workings of how property management firms use technology and what they want from their IT investments that makes us the right choice. This knowledge and our support programs customized for property management organizations keeps all of our clients focused on serving their clients without the headaches of technology getting in the way.

Then now have a reliable team of Tampa IT consultants who look after them. Confidence has been restored in their IT systems and many of the daily technology issues have been eliminated.
Renaissance Consulting
QuickBooks Multi-Client Management Solution for Renaissance Consulting

Kevin E. Riggs, Change Agent and CEO of Renaissance Consulting and Development, LLC., approached Data-Tech to discuss some challenges and limitations it was experiencing with its current IT Infrastructure. Kevin was impressed to hear a fresh approach to solving his firm’s challenges instead of the “that can’t be done” attitude from his current provider.
As a client of Renaissance Consulting, we at Data-Tech were impressed with the way Kevin wanted to leverage the latest technology to provide the best and most efficient service to his clients. Kevin’s IT challenges were virtually invisible to our company because Kevin and his team did such a great job. However, behind the scenes, the Renaissance Consulting team had to cope with IT challenges of speed, performance, reliability and application limitations. Kevin was told by his former provider that the setup he had was optimal and there was nothing to be done about the speed and limitations of the system.

During a meeting, Kevin voiced his concern about growing his business around his current technology and limitations it imposed. We discussed a list of issues and consulted the Cyber CAT division at Data-Tech to see if a better, more improved solution could be developed.

After a quick review of the IT Infrastructure and application engineering provided by the former IT Service Provider, the Cyber CAT division realized there was a much better way for Renaissance Consulting to operate its business.

The Cyber CAT’s took a fresh perspective and engineered, not only a faster and more reliable solution for Kevin and his team, but eliminated the application limitations and setup an infrastructure that could grow quickly and dynamically without impacting performance.

The Cyber CATs also worked directly with Renaissance Consulting’s clients during the transition to assure a smooth migration to the new Private QuickBooks Cloud (now offered by Data-Tech Hosting Services). In addition, Data-Tech’s solution provided compliance with the primary application platform for QuickBooks.

Now on a completely virtual Private Cloud, Renaissance Consulting and Development, LLC and its team of professionals are able to more efficiently provide an improved service platform across its growing client base.
Applied Systems Technology
Web Enable Applied Systems Technology Software and Consolidate Management

Applied Systems Technology provides the Staffing Industry with Enterprise Software for candidate management, tracking, placement and accounting. AST’s typical deployment consisted of a local premised based server with a *Client – Server architecture.

While servicing one of AST’s clients Data-Tech was challenged with 2 issues the client was experiencing. The client had recently purchased another staffing company and was suddenly faced with providing access to AST’s software called Placemate.

AST’s software was not client server and not a web based product. Standard VPN or MPLS “Fat Client” connectivity was not an option do to performance restrictions. Data-Tech introduced the solution of “Web Enabling” AST’s software with Citrix. Implementing a Citrix solution allowed Data-Tech to deliver AST’s software to the newly acquired remote locations for AST’s client which then allowed the client to leverage low cost – low speed inter office connections to share access to a centralized Placemate application.

Further this solution allowed centralized management and control of the Placemate application and management of the application and users. The application performance was acceptable but not optimal. At the same time, the client came to AST and Data-Tech to announce they were now moving the corporate office and the servers would need to be relocated.

This presented Data-Tech and AST the opportunity to provide a unique solution to this client. Data-Tech presented a plan to AST for a strategic alliance to provide Server Hosting Services to this client with a plan based on success to provide these services to other AST clients. The plan was presented to the client with Co-Op Management services provided by Data-Tech and AST and accepted by the client with tremendous expectations.

Building on the success of our first Server Hosting Service Data-Tech and AST began to build an unrivaled solution to our growing Co-Op client base. Data-Tech quickly realized that combining AST’s Placemate product with fully functional Hosted User Desktops which would include Microsoft Office and Exchange Email Hosting combined with outsourced Help Desk Services provided out clients with completely outsourced IT Services.

Migrating entire office operations to Data-Tech’s Data-Center was a tremendous cost savings to clients as they could now embrace IT Services previously only available to large enterprise clients.

Building the first ever *Hybrid Cloud, Data-Tech was able to provide AST and AST clients with cost effective enterprise fully outsourced IT Services. AST clients could now enjoy worry free fixed cost IT Services which allowed them to focus on their core business operations.

Hybrid Cloud Services allowed AST clients to instantly embrace centralized data and management along with the flexibility to implement a Mobile Work Force.

*Client – Server Architecture Comparison

A client – server architecture is where means the software application typically has 2 components. The Client, which is installed on each workstation that runs the application and the software database which is centrally located on a server that all workstations must be connected to. In Client – Server each workstation has a full install of the client software. This configuration creates many challenges for performance, maintenance and administration. Each of these challenges is addressed and eliminated or improved with Web Enablement and Hybrid Cloud Architecture delivered by Data-Tech’s Cloud Hosting Services. The Client – Server challenges and solutions consist of:

Cloud Servers solve the problem of Remote Locations

A severe performance limitation of Client – Server Architecture becomes clear when it is distributed over remote locations. Although there are several methods of connectivity (VPN, MPLS, Metro-E to name a few), even with todays high speed interconnectivity with Fiber the connection speed for Client – Server applications is too slow. To illustrate this point consider most local networks operation at GB transfer speeds. Even at this extremely fast speed some Client – Server applications have a hard time operating at levels to keep users happy and productive. Compare this GB connectivity to standard MPLS at a typical 1.5mb connection. Realize that with connectivity over-head your only achieve 90% of the capacity. You can clearly see 1.5mb compared to local GB would hardly be acceptable. Even today’s fastest Point to Point Fiber at a economically feasible 25mb connection hardly compares to local GB speeds and again you can see why this would not be acceptable connectivity to operate a data intensive Client – Server application. Cloud Servers solve this challenge by consolidating users operations on the remote server where the Data is located. There by eliminating the need to transfer data over the remote connection network. Now each work station only needs to transmit Video, Keyboard and Mouse signals to the server. All Application activity and process is handled on the server local relative to the centralized data being accessed. Instantly location of the user becomes irrelevant. 1.5mb MPLS connection speeds for 10 users become acceptable. The Cost of Cloud Servers starts to not only pay for itself but can often generate a positive return based on the alternative of costly interconnects.

Full local client installs present a challenge when upgrading the software

This issue is eliminated with Web Enablement by centralizing all users to a set of Cloud Servers all client installations can be upgraded with a single install. Consider for a moment an organization with 5 locations and 50 workstations. A single release of an upgrade to the client would be time consuming and costly. With Cloud Servers, all 50 users can be upgraded simultaneously.

Full local client installs are highly dependent on the Workstation resources for application performance.

This issue is mitigated by centralizing the client part of the application on Cloud Servers where 90% of the performance ratio is on the server. While this does not eliminate Workstation performance from the equation, it limits the need to have additional resources on the local workstation. For example, before implementing Cloud Technology, a workstations performance when operating the application may not have been acceptable.

By reducing the load of the local workstation up to 90% conversely means a 90% improvement in performance. There by extending the life of the workstation and increasing user productivity almost instantly. Also consider a software upgrade that requires an increased amount of Memory Resources for the Client side of the Application. The true Client – Server architecture may require upgrading at least 75% of the client workstations. Looking at the previous example would mean physically upgrading over 35 workstations at 5 locations, again a costly and time consuming venture. With Cloud Technology a simple upgrade of the Cloud Servers memory is sufficient for all 50 users regardless of the workstation resources. In fact, with Virtualization of Cloud Servers does not require a physical memory upgrade. Simply change the memory allocation setting as needed. In many cases Virtual Cloud Servers can be set to add memory resources as needed automatically.

Cloud Servers allow companies small and large to embrace a Mobile Work Force

The same architecture and technology that is used to Centralize Data Processing also enables the workforce to become Mobile. No long constrained by limitations of a premised based architecture and slow connections, users are now free to utilize the multitude of remote connections available. With Tablets and Smart Devices from every size, the corporate workforce and truly embrace the “Work from Anywhere” mentality.

Side effects from Cloud Services

*Hybrid Cloud

*Hybrid Cloud – A Unique Solution

Our approach is from the solution perspective and has led Data-Tech to combining multiple facets of a technology enabling us to provide the best technology solution to our clients. Combining technology services into packages allows Data-Tech to provide seamless integration and leverage powerful cost effective solutions for small, medium and enterprise levels of business clients. Our unique approach to Hybrid Cloud Services for example allows our clients to take advantage of services the combine the best available technology as the most cost effective price.

Data-Tech’s Hybrid Private Cloud Service provides a private cloud for operational resources while leveraging existing highly available hybrid Domain Security and System Management infrastructure. This allows the security of private operational resources while leveraging shared security, recovery and management resources such as Redundant Active Directory Servers, Clustered Exchange Servers, Spam Protection and Centralized Data Backup and Recovery. Leveraging the Hybrid Resources clients need for Highly Available Network management infrastructure decreases resource and management cost.

Data-Tech and AST’s Partnership on the Hybrid Cloud has been successful on my levels for our clients.