Terms and Conditions

Data-Tech Terms and Conditions

For the first 30 days, Clients are on COD payment terms. After 30 days, clients may be moved to 15 day payment terms. If payment is not made within 30 days from the invoice date, a 1.5% finance charge will be applied to the invoice. Non-payment within 30 days may also result in repossesion of purchased equipment. All hardware must be pre paid.

All monthly services are billed 30 days prior and are due on the first of the month in which services are being provided. Data-Tech may temporarily deny service or terminate services completely upon failure of Client to pay charges when due. Such termination will not relieve Client of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges plus reasonable interest and any collection fees. The Client is responsible for payment or repayment of any attorney fees should a debt need to be collected for unpaid invoices. The Client is also responsible for any returned check charges upon occurrence.


All add, move & change requests must be made via written request. Request may be submitted through our web portal at mysupport.datatechitp.com

Account Cancellation: All requests for account cancellation must be made in writing with a minimum of 30 days notice. Cancellation takes effect 30 days from the notice. You must have all the account information to cancel. Cancellation request can be made at mysupport.datatechitp.com or mailed to 7904 Hopi Place Tampa Fl 33634

The purpose of this document is to state that the Client agrees to conduct a business relationship with Data-Tech and also to inform the client of the terms of doing business with Data-Tech, so that both the client and Data-Tech understand and agree to the terms. This in no way restricts the Client from doing business with other vendors.

Lietz Development Inc, d/b/a Data-Tech reserves the right to modify this Policy at its discretion at any time for any reason.

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