VoIP Case Studies

Ever wonder how real institutions use Data-Tech technologies to solve problems or further their research, education and service missions? Here are some real world examples from the Nonprofit industry for you.

Emergency Services Turn to 3CX Phone System after Hurricane Strikes
What would you do if there was a natural disaster in your area that knocked out the power and phone lines? 3CX Premium Partner, Charles Ambrosecchia of SigmaVoIP wasn’t content with just sitting and waiting for the power and phone service to come back online.

After a hurricane hit the northeastern region of the USA in October 2011, Charles wanted to help out his local community in the Greater Danbury and Redding, Connecticut, area. Having originally turned his SUV into a mobile demonstration tool for 3CX Phone System, Charles saw the opportunity to use it as a 3CX mobile emergency telecommunications command center.

Charles placed the “3CXMobile” at a location that provided four different hotspots whilst one of the servers got SigmaVoIP back online – employees could work from home as they were connected to the work VPN which meant business carried on as normal. He then went from one shelter to another, helping people to contact friends and family members.

3CX Phone System Assists Emergency Services
Even the police turned to Charles, placing their emergency center next to the 3CXMobile as their communications were down. Charles ran a cable off one of the GXW 4024’s and gave the police a phone service which included extensions with DIDs.

Charles quickly sped over to the local shelter, where hundreds of people had gathered. The shelter had lost its phone service as pretty much every communications tower was down. Charles was able to setup 20 lines to their main phone system and 15 analog phones. With these new connections up and running, most people were able to call their loved ones. This was only possible because of 3CX’s advanced features enabling offloading of the RTP (audio traffic) and the ability to offer instant provisioning of all endpoints, including Android and iPhone smartphones, over the WiFi service that was provided from the vehicle. Charles left a GXW 4024 with a WiFi bridge to keep the system on the hotspot network and registered against the mobile 3CX setup, and moved on to the next shelter area.

Mobile 3CX Command Center Setup

The 3CX Command Center was set up using the following hardware:
  • 3 – Supermicro Superserver with Quad core Xeon and 64GB Ram (Dedicated 3CX Servers)
  • 1 – Atom D525 SigmaVoIP SB server (Small 3CX Server and Skype Gateway)
  • 1 – 24 port Managed LG/Nortel 10/100/1000 switch with enhanced QoS
  • 1 – GXW4004
  • 1 – GXW4008
  • 3 – Buffalo High Power radio routers with DDWRT

Firmware (2 operating as WiFi clients (Cablevision and AT&T) and the third customizable as needed, + 10db gain omnidirectional antenna

  • 1 – Routerboard/MikroTik 450G
  • 1 – 1500W inverter

  • “This is an example of how 3CX is the leading provider of VoIP platforms thanks to exclusive features, open architecture, ease of provisioning, flexibility and availability over any medium. SigmaVoIP’s staff was able to provision everything on the fly using Android powered tablets (also equipped with 3CXPhone for Android for ease of communication). ‘Powerful, easy and incredibly flexible’ best describes 3CX even under the most challenging conditions where no other solution would have come close to working,” said Charles Ambrosecchia, CEO of SigmaVoIP.
    Applied Systems Technology
    Voice over IP Phone System as a Business Management Tool

    Paul Bjornsen, It Director at Applied Systems Technology. “Data-Tech recognized our company was using a legacy analog telephone system. Chris Lietz, CEO at Data-Tech was able to not only show us the Business advantages of upgrading to a Voice over IP based phone system but showed us a clear quantifiable and immediate Return on Investment. AST now saves thousands of dollars a month on our telephone services and we enjoy all the benefits of Voice over IP including remote office phones.”

    Applied Systems Technology is a valued business partner of Data-Tech. Our companies are tightly aligned on many business philosophies but one stands in front of all others. Both of our companies pride ourselves on Customer Service as the number one priority.

    With that in mind, a new Voice over IP telephone system was a clear choice for AST. The senior management at AST was able to appreciate the importance of clear, reliable and efficient communication with clients. Now with complete control of their communications with a simple web driven interface the IT Directory Paul could manage, monitor and control the most important aspect of their business, communication with the client.

    AST embraced the business philosophy that telephones are not just for making calls anymore. Telephones systems are a way to manage the communication flow of your entire company.

    By moving away from Analog Phones and Analog Phone Service to pure Digital Voice over IP, AST also realized a tremendous savings on a monthly basis.

    Additionally, AST was able to mobilize it’s workforce by leveraging the Remote Phone connectivity included with Data-Techs Versa Communicator system. Based on the 3CX VoIP Business Phone System, the Versa Communicator is a complete VoIP package including support, true open SIP phones and digital lines. Read more about the Versa Communicator online. https://datatechitp.com/voip-phone/

    As AST grows they are now able to quickly and efficiently manage communication growth simply by adding control and routing features to the dynamic VoIP phone system. Adding the Call Center module specifically designed for large or small call centers while aggregating calls across a local and remote workforce was a key feature for AST. The ability to schedule automatic changes in the phones digital receptionist based on time of day made staff transition automatic.

    Now AST has a complete Unified Messaging System for Phone, Fax and Email that consolidates all communication and routes it to the appropriate destination automatically.